A speech for those named stupid people: The Smartest Stupid

I made this speech for our English class. This was the first time I made one and it made me realize that, when making one, it has to be something from the mind and heart. It makes it easier for the flow of ideas when you want to speak about something: what you hate or have observed. As for me, I hate it when people call or name someone stupid because I always believe that it’s a matter of understanding and purpose. That vague thought I have in mind is explained in this speech. And one more thing, I made this to prove that,

“those stupid-as-we-termed people are greater-than-what-we-thought persons.”

When we say someone is stupid, definitely they are not smart. According to the dictionary, they lack intelligence, understanding, reason or sense. And the way the society define stupid people is when they fail to understand/do a thing a normal person will do. After this speech, I will open your mind to what’s really inside a stupid person’s head and that what we actually think of them is the opposite of who they really are.

Take me and all of you as an example. Think of me as if I’m stupid for the rest of this talk and you would be the normal people I would commonly meet every day.

When there is an abstract canvass made by an unpopular painter, you see it as just a painting but I take it as an art on my own sense of perplexity. I explain the odds but you take it ludicrously because you only understand what’s common. When I joke about facts, you never laughed about it because for you, it is common sense. Now, I’m in front of you and talk about that stupid people are really smart but the way you look at me, it says that what am I talking about.

Do you all get it? Maybe not because you never thought that I would say things that could amaze you. You don’t think you’re smarter but you think I can’t be smart enough.

Have you heard about the Pet Rock? It is obviously a rock recognized and being taken good care of as a pet. It was developed by Gary Dahl who got the idea from his friends who always complain about their pets. It became a hit in 1975. He sold 1.5 million pet rocks and became a millionaire. And have you tried to visit PositivesDating.com? It is a website who offers matching services catering only to HIV-positive members. And in a few years they’ve attracted about 50,000 members.

They may be considered stupid ideas but in reality they can make big cash out of their certain concepts. If you have a problem about your pets because it takes a lot of your time, then have a pet rock. It does not litter and makes no noise. Stiff as a rock but it can roll. They could help at least those who are not prioritized by the community. In that website, even virtually, they have helped HIV-patients who considered themselves isolated to feel that they’re not alone and they could love. Has anyone of us thought of that?

Stupid people may be unlike everybody else because they have their own way of describing and understanding things. And it would be nice if one person would think twice when calling someone stupid. You’ll never know what they are good at unless you try to understand them. Not everything is this world are made by the smartest people. Not every invention is a creation of a very productive mind. Not every explanation can be easily understood when it is presented in a logical basis. Try to talk to whom you call “stupid” about their point of view in life. You may be surprise of their answers that are not logically applicable but certainly reality appropriate.

Now, I will ask you again. How was it? To listen to a stupid person’s speech that made all of you get the idea that behind the unclear and deep thoughts of such person lays an unexpected in-their-own-way intelligent beings. Have I convinced you? Then perhaps after all, I’m the smartest stupid.


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