Koukou Debut

Koukou Debut. And while I’m writing this down, I can’t help but smile to the farthest side of my ears with the idea that once again I’m under the shoujo effect. I actually just finished reading the manga and it took me 1 day perhaps and what I regret about it is that, why did I even just started it now. Now that it is 2014 -_-.

Koukou Debut deals with a girl who wanted to find love now that she is in high school. One not so good thing is that she’s just not the girl who can be easily be noticed and her natural nature isn’t the girly-usual type. Personally I can see myself to Haruna. Why? I don’t know how to play baseball but I’m good with sports. Right now, I actually have a short hair. I’m also a bit of a gentleman with the fact that I’m a girl. And the best of all, I really wanted to have a boyfriend too. Never been there never done that. I was thinking that when I will I be able to get my own Yoh who will fall in love with me not because of what I look like but what I am. He’s just the sweetest guy. He’s cold at first but he’s actually really warm inside. I’m dying for a guy like that. (Sorry for my personal intrusions. It’s just that the manga really works for me.)


Well let’s talk about the best parts I’m most touched with.

Chapter 2
Chapter 2

The blushing Yoh is one of the best. He’s so handsome in a way that he hides what he feels and ends up being conscious about it. Kawaii ❤ This part was when Haruna complimented Yoh about his smile and if that he would make it as his killer smile. From the moment a guy blushes and holds his nape is just so adorable. It so Kawaii! Yoh is just so handsome. (I can’t take it!)

Chapter 5
Chapter 5

It’s Haruna X Fumi. I like Fumi’s character. He’s gentle and kind. I wouldn’t mind if he happens to be Haruna’s partner but of course Yoh will still be the best. This was when they went for a trip to the zoo for Haruna to confirm her feelings for Fumi. Ohhh ~ Fumi! ❤

And of course, the most vital part of the story:


When Haruna fell in love with Yoh. How can any girl not? I want to be in Haruna’s place.


Is it just me or I think Yoh’s having interest with Haruna.

Chapter 24
Chapter 24

And this is where I stopped reading for 5 minutes and contain myself. Yoh wasn’t sure if his feelings for her ex-girlfriend will or will not return. I feel hurt too. Uncertainties are silent killers. But we all know Yoh’s character that’s why I was relieved when I finished the chapter.

Chapter 25
Chapter 25

Their kiss scenes are drawn so good. For Real!

Chapter 36
Chapter 36

The confrontation. Asaoka did have feeling for Haruna but he turns it into a joke and the twist is that if he was the one who picked up Haruna’s shoe then perhaps he won’t be a bad coach for her. He jokes most of the time but Haruna’s bestfriend can understand him. Why don’t it be just the two of them?


The appearance of this girl is one of the most annoying part. I really hate her in this. How could she butt in with their romance. She is just like the other girls who wants Yoh. Argh! Until know I’m still irritated. But she didn’t succeed with her evil plans. Texting Haruna to break up with Yoh using his phone and changing Haruna’s number from his phone to her number.


I can’t help but giddy. The feels like Yoh would say that. If I’m Haruna, I’m gonna die.

Chapter 48
Chapter 48

And during this part, Yoh will not go to Tokyo because of Haruna. He cared for her feelings too. But on the following chapters Haruna did change her mind. She thinks she’s a selfish girlfriend so he pushed Yoh to study in Tokyo and blackmailed him that she’ll break up with him if he wont go. And yes, the end is near.


And this is the official kiss from the official couple. Yoh introduced Haruna to her mother and the mother, of course, can’t put down her spirit. Haha!


And another kiss before Yoh left for Tokyo. 😦

Enren Debut - The Sequel
Enren Debut – The Sequel

And there is a sequel. Kawaii. Yoh visiter her for the Golden Week because Haruna gave her ticket to her coworker because she crying for her dying cat in Tokyo. Yoh just never fail for Haruna. I’m gonna fall. Haha!

And that are just some scenes because there are actually a lot of them. The ending might not be like they ended together and live happily ever after but I’m satisfied. I like the story, twists and turn of events. Everything is just so so good.

If you’re thinking twice about the reading the manga, My advice will be it is worth your time. I was hooked up with just the first chapter so I finished everything ahead. It will make you feel love again and in the same time, it will teach you how should to act in certain circumstances. But the best advice will be Try it first. You’ll like it. 🙂

Images used are not mine. For viewing purposes only.


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