10 Tips to Resist Procrastination

First: Never Plan 

It never happens anyway, naturally. So just do what you can for the time being without thinking whether it’s a rush or not.

get over

Second: Alternatives

Yes, I said no plans but set deadlines. It’s not the same. Whenever we think of things we must do for the day, we all end up exhausted just by looking at it. Set deadlines of the most important things to do. Do not write everything. Prioritize just one or two.

The next thing is to set a goal. Just one random, simple, direct goal, and never think about the result. Normally people will think about what should be the result so they set goals. Too many that for us procrastinators are overwhelming, too idealistic. Just do what you have to do the way you wanted it to be. No to restrictions, take this as an alternative.


Third: Just do it 

Don’t think about why. Just work. Never think ‘is this right?’ , ‘I think they wont like it.’  80 % it will be the same product anyway.

Fourth: Live or Do it for others 

Forget yourself or rather just think least of yourself as the main benefactor. We are too confident, remember? Let others be the reason why you do this and that. This may contradict the third but think about it. Which one works best?


Fifth: Cry 

The weirdest but definitely where we end up. Let it go ♫ I mean let it out.

It may be your fault but crying creates conscience. And what comes after conscience is a Move.


Sixth: Control 

First one is to hold thy lingering temptations. The hardest thing to do but the best move to start with.

Second is to handle misleading. I can do it later. I’ve scheduled what time I must do it. I can finish this in no time. Oh yeah! And then you end up with the same fate again, crying and regretting you should have done it earlier. It is very exhausting in the long run. You never felt relieved with everything you do.

Third is to control being time conscious. Sounds opposing but I don’t mean it that way. When you do something, don’t look up the time. It creates pressure. Instead just enjoy what you do but at least be aware if you’re being too fast or slow.


Seventh: Relax

Oh no, we do this almost every time. Relaxing should come at first, in the middle, and the last part of the job. We must relax or we will be overworked. We’ll end up thinking how much we did so we will relax until there comes another last minute. A BIT of relaxation.


Eighth: Focus 

Focus on what’s there and not with what is not. This just supports the third, again. Focus and do it YOUR WAY.


Ninth: Face Yourself

Who am I? Why am I like this? How long has it been? How fun is this eh?

Weigh things (yourself).


Tenth: Me and Me

Think of you as yourself’s worst enemy, opponent, rival. Who else? In all of the solutions it all matters to you, with you, and in you.  You against yourself.  “A matter of Change or be Changed. “


You may agree or not. You may critic. CRITIC. So RESPECT comes in. ^_^

I hope it will help.


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