Last Letter to the Crypts of Gloom

It’s been so sad… For you and me…

Maybe just like what you said, our thoughts and feelings will never coincide.

Honey,  I know it will. It will. Just give me time. Just understand me.

Maybe you’ll say Understand me too.

Yes I will. Just be patient. But try to reach me, my deepest works. How shallow it is, how neglect-able, how subtle… and how it is as it is. I can’t give the love you can give but I can give the love I can.

Remember what you said, we have these kinds of love. We are different but those difference, I hope we’ll love them, let them do the magic.

BUT I was here, You were there.

I will get tired… But I can’t manage to say it because I will always try and try.

Your response, “Maybe you can.”

Oh yes I will. It’s not a maybe. I will… even if I can’t. I  still will.


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