Who I am and Why I’m here

Have you ever had that feeling in which you’ve got so much in your head and it feel so right to ask anyone in the world if they think of the same thing?

I’ve always been like this. I am weird, definitely but that adjective creates much more meaning to myself. And I feel like sharing some of it would be fun since I can contribute to variety to the world of web. I write everything I want most especially what happened to my day. This unorganized mind will write about love then right after about bitterness. Then about happiness then sadness, experiences to imaginations … it’s endless. I don’t mind, well first and foremost, I’ve started creating this blog for the people to see what I think, my point of view, guts and desires and not merely to impress them with my ‘awesome’-ness. You know, I want to be awesome in my own way.

I want everybody to see what I right and if a lucky one thinks the way I do then that’s what I call ‘awesome’-ness. Hey, I guess I have a 10% probability that I will get and I will make my reader feel like, “Oh, that’s what I’m talking about girl.”

This question deserves a good answer, “If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?”

Well besides the hidden agenda of reaching a thousand of readers, I hope that far more than being confident I have turned into a somewhat full time blogger (at least one post a day). And I make sure that every time I post, I will never doubt what I write like “Hey, would this be fine.” Bless myself, all I have to do is to enjoy and be like me, like everyday and anywhere. Oh and another thing, I hope that my readers will learn something from what I write. Words are messengers of manna, happiness, lessons, love, pain and everything.



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