Things I’ve Learned

God is our teacher and life is our test paper.

We are the students and what we do are our answers. The only difference is that there are no A’s and F’s because what matters most is how we answered it and if we finished it.

Things I’ve Learned

♥ Dating myself is a must have.

♥ Love is not about what I am but how I love my partner.

♥ It’s better be late than never same as being ahead than later. But to us crammers, it’s being on time. EXACTLY ON TIME.

♥ It won’t hurt to be a little bit more honest than usual to my partner

♥ Never give UP!

♥ I will always appreciate myself because it is one of my very foundation

♥ Explore and explore but …

♥ Mistakes, Pain and Sufferings are blessings. Sometimes people don’t have much of it when they want more of it.

♥ “Miracles aren’t always as we seem to think of… It’s just there. Those that always been with us. Whom we always notice but never notice.” And he said, “Notice it before it’s too late.” – Paper Towns (FAVORITE ♥).

♥ Love yourself

♥ Be futuristic, be a risk taker and be yourself. After all, it’s about me..

I guess there’s more…

[PART 1]


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