What Keeps Me Going

I am just like a bomb waiting to be lighten up whenever there’s that ultimate series of stresses coming from every part of my holistic being. I was shaking and emotional but my tears won’t just fall like that. I ended up sighing and just wooo, go with the flow. But stress never leaves and sticks like a glue unless you find a way to remove it.

And I guess, we have that someone or something that pushes us the pulls of hesitations, fatigue and doubts. Those that keeps us going. It feels like the hardest day ever but with just one move or thing, everything can change. The stresses won’t leave but I’ll be able to find a better way to handle them. It is just so good that what keeps you moving, sets you to be a better person.

Have you thanked that person personally? If yes then good and if not then why not now. ☺

For that person whom I always address my blogs and the likes, I thank you for the inspirations. You got me by all means and I got you for all of that is meant to me. I love you and you are that what keeps me going after God.



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