The Way Back

February 16, 2015

My love you were so shy

If only you knew how I wanted to cry.

Just by hearing you say not only unending goodbyes

But now, my all-day and all-night lullabies. 

It was the first time I’ve received an I love you from you. Like and love goes the same for me as you knew. I like you but I probably love you or I love you but maybe I just like you, so much. We both knew that everything have come so fast and we can’t stop. But I bear in mind that I will love you without asking for something in return. I will make you happy and I will make feel loved. I’ll stay to be me, grow to be the better version of myself as change will always be there. For you to realize that the moment I have been with you will always remain to be something I will always be thankful for.

♥ mylove

Sorry for being selfish sometimes. Sorry for making you worry and making you feel less needed. Sorry for hurting you when I don’t intended to. But always remember that,

October 16 

The magic that have brought me to you, will always bring me back to you. 

To the downfalls that gives  a glimpse of ideas of ending this, I’ll sure go and look beyond. My body and mind will and my heart should without commands.

For I was the kind of lover, who will just give the best of me to the all kinds of you: the best and much more when you’re at your worst. 

The Way Back. The way I wanted to love you.

Happy 8th. 🙂 Though we never celebrated that kind of stuff. I’m very happy that I have stayed with you and you know what, I’m just loving you much more than yesterday.

I Love You!


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