Confused Little Fairy

And we started the day fine
It came out not well.

I showed my feelings and you got mad.
No, you are hurt.

I may not be showing so much of myself to you.

It’s very confusing.

When will I consider your thoughts when you’re doing things to me?
And when will my feelings be heard when I do things to you?
When , How and What…
I thought I had a strong sense of Emotional Quotient. Well I think I hadn’t. 

I’m easily affected with my emotions.

Fuck this isn’t so good.
I can manage but I try not to, I think I cannot.

You still came,

Pushing your pride away.

I was selfish, no. I was being myself.

I was creating a message,

you were reading a different one.

I come to you like a clear water,

clearer and still like a water in a glass.

But you are on your own, like a running water.

Maybe you have realized, … nothing.

I don’t want to assume,

Not as the same as you did to me.

It can kill a lot of time,

so as feelings.

Maybe you took the trail I took before.

Isn’t it exhausting.

I feel sorry with what I did but not with the rest.

I know we are like magnets fusing,

but I still have my side. It will remain.

It does not mean that I still have that side, that I will be and stay there as if…

you were never of use cause you can’t attract me no more.

Honey don’t be…

Please don’t.

You never asked, as usual.

When will you?

We are very different.

I came to you, I will come to you.

Because I always try to ask because I don’t have any idea of your world.

So don’t push me away.

You think as if you know how my world revolves.

The way you act, maybe you were slowly trying to love yourself.

I was trying to love both.

Will the magic work again?

Just like it did before? as it always did.


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