About Me


  • If there is the sea, I will for the sky and the sunset view not  the bluish water or the fishes.
  • If there are a lot of people, I will take myself away and just look at them. Then I find myself smiling.
  • If I have a bill on my hand, it will take me hours to think of what dress to buy but if it’s something to eat…  seconds and minutes will do.
  • I’m a fan of novels. I cringe over touching lines. I’m easily amazed with heartfelt quotations and lastly, I dance over a lot of music genre.
  • I’m a pro jumper for no definite criteria because I simply jump everyday.
  • I’ll definitely oppose you when everybody seems to side over you. I’ll always find for alternatives.

As much as I love taking pictures is the sad truth that I have a problem with memories. I have the sentimental-mentality and I  have  a lot of personalities. Proud and Loud.  I believe that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. I’ve transformed into an optimistic artist. I am generated to create the biography of a person who will live only once. I’m the writer of the words of my destined fortune. I’m the actor of my missing endeavors. I was given a box that is meant to be given back to the owner at the right time.

I am an open letter of myself. I’m the version of my lone type.

Lastly… there is more to come.

Welcome to my BLOG. It’s my personal blog that I wanted to share. Feel free to share yours too and I’ll try to read all of them. I indirectly described myself and well enjoy yourself to a rare mediocre inking her magic words.


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