Anime Guys with Bandanna

In the real world, only a few could wear a bandanna without looking weird. I don’t know what’s the secret but so far in the anime world or with the anime I watched so far, this guys rock with bandannas. It helps create their character and adds individuality to their roles.

So two of them I knew were,

Lavi of D-Gray Man
Lavi of D-Gray Man
I’ve watched D-Gray Man way back 2009. I guess I forgot most of the scenes already but one thing is for sure. Lavi was my favorite character in that story. I usually liked the protagonist but Lavi’s charms and his hammer turned my way around. I think I should watch some AMV about Lavi. I miss fangirling him. ❤ Kawaii!
Touji Ato of Tokyo Ravens
Touji Ato of Tokyo Ravens
And here comes Touji Ato.  Actually, I just finished watching Tokyo Ravens yesterday and I still want more. Too bad for me, the manga translated available in manga-hosting sites are until chapter 25 only and on the anime that covers only 1/4 of the total no of episodes. Of course, thanks to the bandanna I recognized Touji easily. Isn’t he handsome? ❤ Touji may look handsome but one cute-dark thing about him is that he’s an ogre too.

Like this:

touji 2 touji 3 touji 4

So adorable and not only that, he’s smart and I guess he has no certain partner in the anime. He’s free! Hahaha!

I guess I ‘ll update this soon if there’s another character I’ll meet. Or you could me who else. I guess there are a lot of guys who wore bandannas that I haven’t watch.

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