Anime Guys with Bandanna

In the real world, only a few could wear a bandanna without looking weird. I don’t know what’s the secret but so far in the anime world or with the anime I watched so far, this guys rock with bandannas. It helps create their character and adds individuality to their roles.

So two of them I knew were,

Lavi of D-Gray Man
Lavi of D-Gray Man
I’ve watched D-Gray Man way back 2009. I guess I forgot most of the scenes already but one thing is for sure. Lavi was my favorite character in that story. I usually liked the protagonist but Lavi’s charms and his hammer turned my way around. I think I should watch some AMV about Lavi. I miss fangirling him. ❤ Kawaii!
Touji Ato of Tokyo Ravens
Touji Ato of Tokyo Ravens
And here comes Touji Ato.  Actually, I just finished watching Tokyo Ravens yesterday and I still want more. Too bad for me, the manga translated available in manga-hosting sites are until chapter 25 only and on the anime that covers only 1/4 of the total no of episodes. Of course, thanks to the bandanna I recognized Touji easily. Isn’t he handsome? ❤ Touji may look handsome but one cute-dark thing about him is that he’s an ogre too.

Like this:

touji 2 touji 3 touji 4

So adorable and not only that, he’s smart and I guess he has no certain partner in the anime. He’s free! Hahaha!

I guess I ‘ll update this soon if there’s another character I’ll meet. Or you could me who else. I guess there are a lot of guys who wore bandannas that I haven’t watch.

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Koukou Debut

Koukou Debut. And while I’m writing this down, I can’t help but smile to the farthest side of my ears with the idea that once again I’m under the shoujo effect. I actually just finished reading the manga and it took me 1 day perhaps and what I regret about it is that, why did I even just started it now. Now that it is 2014 -_-.

Koukou Debut deals with a girl who wanted to find love now that she is in high school. One not so good thing is that she’s just not the girl who can be easily be noticed and her natural nature isn’t the girly-usual type. Personally I can see myself to Haruna. Why? I don’t know how to play baseball but I’m good with sports. Right now, I actually have a short hair. I’m also a bit of a gentleman with the fact that I’m a girl. And the best of all, I really wanted to have a boyfriend too. Never been there never done that. I was thinking that when I will I be able to get my own Yoh who will fall in love with me not because of what I look like but what I am. He’s just the sweetest guy. He’s cold at first but he’s actually really warm inside. I’m dying for a guy like that. (Sorry for my personal intrusions. It’s just that the manga really works for me.)


Well let’s talk about the best parts I’m most touched with.

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Special A: Last Chapter – A crazily happy ending?!

The feels. I really love special A too.

Hikari to Hotaru


Bawww. It’s the last chapter already T__T. It’s hard to accept that my favorite (believe it or not) series has ended. But yeah, things enter and go and it was time for S.A to go. Nevertheless, amidst the nostalgic theme of the chapter, it still remained funny – one of the good aspects that I like about this series.

I guess it was a pretty fair ending although it was hanging and open. Kudos for Minami Maki-sensei for finishing S.A! Can’t wait to see her upcoming oneshot 😀

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