Koukou Debut

Koukou Debut. And while I’m writing this down, I can’t help but smile to the farthest side of my ears with the idea that once again I’m under the shoujo effect. I actually just finished reading the manga and it took me 1 day perhaps and what I regret about it is that, why did I even just started it now. Now that it is 2014 -_-.

Koukou Debut deals with a girl who wanted to find love now that she is in high school. One not so good thing is that she’s just not the girl who can be easily be noticed and her natural nature isn’t the girly-usual type. Personally I can see myself to Haruna. Why? I don’t know how to play baseball but I’m good with sports. Right now, I actually have a short hair. I’m also a bit of a gentleman with the fact that I’m a girl. And the best of all, I really wanted to have a boyfriend too. Never been there never done that. I was thinking that when I will I be able to get my own Yoh who will fall in love with me not because of what I look like but what I am. He’s just the sweetest guy. He’s cold at first but he’s actually really warm inside. I’m dying for a guy like that. (Sorry for my personal intrusions. It’s just that the manga really works for me.)


Well let’s talk about the best parts I’m most touched with.

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