I love Reading Manga

For my and maybe your convenience too, I decided to sort my manga list by their authors. Through this, it isn’t just the manga I love but even them who made the story line and drew it. I’m pleased to say that I can enjoy the manga more because some can’t. But I think it’s just that I am more fond of reading than watching.  The fact that I’ve listed them down here means I’ve read them and I enjoyed them. So I hope you too will feel the same. Anyways here we go.


  • Tanaka Meca 

Tanaka Meca is a female Mangaka born under the Capricorn Zodiac and born in Aichi Prefecture. And what’s the worst thing about this some facts, I can’t find any. Too bad. And I guess the fact that I can’t understand kanji, romanji or hiragana makes it even harder. Thanks to myanimelist.net for the information.


Faster than A Kiss


Image not mine. Got it from goodmanga.net

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School life, Shouju

Completed with 10 Volumes (57 Chapters)

If you are looking for very good romance manga related with “age doesn’t matter” and with a very very, one of the best (the bottom of my heart screams it), good drawing, I highly recommend you read this manga. For me, the drawing matched the scenes, vibe and the whole manga itself. The story is really good too (I rate it 10) and since I’m a fan of a male-teacher and female-student relationship, my mind goes crazy for this manga. It’s not a lame plot that shows the guy suddenly fell in love and he did not pursue and the likes but there is a reason how they ended up together. I really miss reading this one. I can’t stop myself from not reading the next chapter until I accidentally just finished it (haha).  And I tell you’ll love it from the very first chapter. Faster Than a Kiss probably is my #2 favorite of all the manga I have read. It’s really kawaii and sugoi!

Hello to the readers out there who love this manga as well.

All images used were taken from manga-hosting sites. I do not own any unless stated. For recommendation purposes only.