When you write, it is very essential to read first. That’s the basic requirement.

I think, imagine, write and publish through the internet the stories I make. I’m not famous and good but I can at least touch a few hearts. When it comes to writing, I care less whether will my story be a hit or not. All I cared about is just to write. This stories are part of my longterm goal in life. One day when I’m at the peak of my life, I’ll wither. My memories would be slowly lost from my own thoughts. My hands will not be as fast as before to type or I may not be able to type or write anymore. My ideas will not be as exagerated, fearless and endless. My mind will soon be in a total rest.

One day, I’ll have all of my stories compiled and I will read them again. I’ll laugh about how silly and unrealistic those are but I will be so proud of myself. Not only will it bring laughter but also the feeling. What I felt when writing those. It’s insane.

I write stories because for an introverted type of person like me, I create lots of world. A world where I decide, feel, and connect and relate.

Call me Hulthcer