The Time I Felt I was in Love with You

I just posted a comment on 12 Couples Share The Moment They Knew They Were In Love With Each Other .

And just like my comment,I can’t exactly remember when did I finally realize I loved her.

We were friends since our first year in college but we were never that close. We talk casually at times and I look up to her for being the top 1 and unbeatable for the record. Circumstances happen and I became close to her and her group of friends. When that unplanned blessing started, it was just out of a serious deal. It was my first time being cared for in that kind of way. The days went on and I keep asking myself not to fall in love with her. But just like what they say, never say never. Hahaha! I did fell in love with her and maybe I’ve realized it by the time I’m preventing myself not to tell or even murmur the words “I love you.” It happened a lot of times, and more and more each day I’m loving her.

Loving and being loved are two of the greatest thing in this world. And when you both have it, girl you are definitely lucky. Take this time to say I love you. Reminisce the time when both of you just fell in love. Isn’t it the sweetest yet the scariest thing ever?


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